Charitable Contributions

One of our goals at Monkey Mountain is to be able to give to and support worthy, charitable causes as willingly as our customers support and give to us. To achieve this goal: we at Monkey Mountain generously contribute $0.25 per child admission to a featured charity for designated months of the year. Listed below are the charities that we have endorsed at and through Monkey Mountain.

June Charity of the Month is Hogle Zoo!

Monkey Mountain is proud to share that they donated:

$262 in January of 2015 to The Pacific Primate Sanctuary

$242 in February of 2015 to Utah's Hogle Zoo

$200 in March of 2015 to Save the Rhino

All proceeds from June 27th will be donated to the Jack & Abby Neonatal Foundation


Hogle Zoo is in the midst of an exciting time of growth and enhancement. They have set a course for a public-private cooperative effort to ensure that their Master Plan is fulfilled. Crucial to the success of their next phase are private contributions from individuals, foundations and corporations. Rocky Shores, the Zoo’s next major exhibit, will be funded by approximately two-thirds public and one-third private funds. Follow the above link to make your contribution today!


The Jack & Abby Neonatal Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization created to help families with a baby(ies) in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units. Their goal is to educate expectant parents about preterm labor and life in the NICU, provide resources for them and their families and raise money to help support babies born too early.


A non-profit refuge providing a safe haven for threatened, endangered and distressed monkeys.
“Where the suffering stops and the healing begins!”


Save the Elephants has many projects to help save elephants. By donating, you will help save the elephants and many other endangered species. No donation is too small but the stakes for the African elephant and their environment are high so please give generously…


Warning! Some of the imagery on this website is graphic in nature. Monkey discretion is advised.

The rhino poaching epidemic in Southern Africa has got to the point where we are losing animals on an almost daily basis. REPORT any low level aircraft activity, or anyone you suspect may be involved in a rhino poaching syndicate. SIGN UP – add your name to our list of supporters.